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Hot Red Dress

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Bashful Brittany is growing on me. Quickly. Fucking hot chicks is always good for kicks, but if they don’t have any personality what’s the point? You might as well invest your time into fucking a sock. I want a chick that’s fun and full of personality and spunk. I want a perky bunny to fuck, not a piece of firewood.

Seems to me that Bashful Brittany is not only beautiful, but also playful. But let’s not call her bashful. Bashful teens don’t have their website where they take off their clothes!

bashful britany hot red dress1

See – Tell me she’s not playful.

bashful britany hot red dress5 bashful britany hot red dress6

I would imagine that strap would come in nice and handy like a leash – you know, just to make sure you have her undivided fucking attention!

Looks like she’s taking off that dress and exposing her breasts….. Sweet! I can’t wait to see Bashful Brittany naked!

bashful britany hot red dress2 bashful britany hot red dress3 bashful britany hot red dress4 bashful britany hot red dress7

Oh the things I could do to her!

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