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Aubrey Paige Rocking The Bikini

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Dayum…. Freaking Aubrey Paige is rocking this bikini!

Oh, seems like she lost her bikini bottom. I am such a boob guy that I didn’t even notice that she had pulled down her bikini bottom… All I saw was boobs. I like boobs. I like chicks with big, huge boobs. I also like chicks with huge boobs in bikinis too….. Who doesn’t, right?

If only all chicks in bikinis at the pool had a rocking tight little body and huge boobs like Aubrey Paige does…. Isn’t that always want you want to see at the pool or at the beach? Come on, that’s exactly why we go to the pool or to the beach…. To check out the hot chicks in their bikinis!

I don’t know much about Aubrey Paige but I wish I knew her a lot better… She’s one of the few solo girls I haven’t met yet!

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