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Remembering Kiss Kara

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These solo girls comes and go so fast you don’t even get teh chance to say hello no less goodbye. But some are worth remembering. Kiss Kara is one such chick.

Damn she was cute – short, tight, perky, blonde, and willing to try anything at least three times.

Kiss Kara was the type of chick that would get naked any chance including the back of your favorite SUV. That’s our kind of girl!

You know what they say about skirts, right? It’s easy to fuckin a short skirt. Lift up the skirt, pull down the panties, and boom – your in business. Once that skirt comes up and and the panties comes off you know you are getting laid. It’s not like she is going to pull her panties back up and say “meh, not today”.

Kiss Kara wasn’t a tease like that.

If you missed her site back in the day well you missed out.



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