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Jewel’s Super Tight Teen Ass

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Yummy – Private School Jewel. The one chick I always wanted to bang but never got to. I missed out on that.

Private School Jewel is an odd one. Oh, she’s cute for sure. But she’s got such a tiny little tight ass and the smallest boobs of all of the solo girls. It’s kind of hot in a special kind of naughty way.  If you like small boobs and tight asses, then Private School Jewel is your girl. Trust me, I wouldn’t say to her. She can leave crumbs in my bed.

I love the scenes were Private School Jewel and Lia 19 got it on. Let me tell you a secret from an insiders point of view…. It’s one thing to get two girls together and tell them to go at it. And of course you will shoot more than just one set; If you go through all of the trouble to get the two girls together you might as well get some damn content out of it. But not Private School Jewel and Lia 19. They went at it like two horny schoolgirls. These two just couldn’t get enough of it.

Private School Jewel and her tight little body is one thing but… Her face is just perfect. Her face alone is enough to make me cum in my pants without even having to touch me!

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