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Sexy Bikini Car Wash

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Some women are too hot for words. So hot that men don’t approach them because they just assume they already have a boyfriend, six men waiting in line at the chance, and they are just uninterested… That’s Misty Anderson.

Just imagine you are driving around town and you pass the local car wash and you suddenly see a chick like Misty Anderson in a bikini washing her car… Misty Anderson – who no longer has a website online – is all legs, ass, and tits. She is beautiful. She is one of those women who is too hot for words… and she’s got enough balls to be washing her car in a public car wash in her hometown… Wearing nothing but her bikini.

Just imagine… A full tugs of those bikini strings and that bikini bottom is coming right off…. Super sexy and super hot!

Misty Anderson is one of the hottest women in the world!

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