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Everyone Wants To Bang Stacy Bride

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I’ll always wonder why the powers that be named her Stacy Bride…. Perhaps it’s because they wanted to marry her. I know I want to marry her. For sure.

One of the best features of Stacy Bride is her boobs. Her boobs aren’t big but they sure are perky and that’s hot. Those boobies are perfect, utterly perfect.

And while you can’t see it in the pictures she’s super short. Don’t ask how I know, but I know. We like short tiny chicks. You can toss them around and easily dominate them in the bedroom. Sometimes it’s even cute when they fight back. But Stacy Bride isn’t the kind of chick to fight back; She is always super horny and loves getting fucked any which way she can.

If you sign up for the Stacy Bride website make sure yuou check out the video of her dancing and stripping… it’s so much fun. It’s almost sweet and innocent as she is dancing around in her goofy dance that nineteen year girls have while stripping off her clothes. Then she dances around naked. After you watch that video of Stacy Bride you will want to marry her too.

I would so fuck her if I had the chance.

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