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Super Hot With Glasses

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Not sure why but any time a chick wears glasses it makes them ten times hotter – instantly.

I was watching The Big Bang Theory yesterday and was that scene where Penny put on the glasses and instantly she was even hotter than she normally is… Of course her boyfriend instantly wanted to do dirty things to her in the bedroom. When I see Lily Chey in her glasses, that’s how I feel. She’s instantly super hot and I want to do nasty and naughty and dirty things to her.

But that’s not enough for her is it? Lily Chey is looking back at us and it’s almost like she is saying she is waiting for us to make the first move. I understand you might be intimidating, but hell I would be all over her…. Lily Chey is just too hot with her sexy glasses on!

Of course Lily Chey is pulling her little short shorts down for us too… I am not used to fucking chicks up against rocks like this, but I wouldn’t say no. Most men wouldn’t – if they had balls.

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