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Super Sexy Shayla Jennings

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Secretly we rank all of the solo girls. Some are hotter than others.

Years ago we ran a website with hundreds of chicks on it and one chick was so much popular than all of the others. We didn’t get it (and still don’t) but we learned that everyone has different tastes. So we post up all of the solo girls. But yes, we think some are much more hotter than others. And some are off the charts.

One of our favorites is Destiny Moody. She’s perfect – all around she’s perfect. Shyla Jennings (pictured here) is nearly perfect…. She reminds of us Destiny Moody but she has smaller boobs. We like boobs and Shyla Jennings has just the right amount of boobs…. She’s nearly pefect.

Trust us you would not be able to say no to Shyla Jennings if she was in your bed…. Naked. With that unforgetable smile!!!


Of course we like seeing Shyla Jennings naked too… Seems she worked Penthouse and did lots of naughty stuff…. The more of Shyla Jennings we get to see the better. But the main place to see her is on her very own website….  That’s just pefect.

Now we just need to get Shyla Jennings to do some girl on girl stuff… That would be smoking hot. I could watch Shyla Jennings make out with another chick all day long…

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