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Skye Model Is Banging Hot

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Sometimes I worry that some of you all missed the good old days. These days the porn you are looking at (and wanking off to) is so lame. Nineteen year olds with tattoos and all of the chicks with fake boobs. It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when men like me would find eighteen year old and nineteen year old chicks that were beautiful, real, and really willing. These chicks usualy worked in fast food or as a cashier making minimum wage. Toss some money at them and they would love to get naked for us on camera. It was fun.

Sometimes half the fun was just finding chicks that were both beautiful and willing to get naked.

This blonde chick in the white bikini is Skye Model. I’ve never met her but in my head I’ve banged her in every possible position.

She sure was smoking hot.

If you look at this picture carefully you can see she has her legs spread nice and wide…. Skye Model is ready for something hot and sexy!

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