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Raimi Miller Still My Favorite

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After all of this time Raimi Miller is still my all time favorite solo girl… Maybe it’s because she’s cute, maybe it’s because she’s sexy…. Maybe it’s because she’s a good kisser or maybe she’s fun to fuck. That’s right I said it. Raimi Miller was fun to fuck.

Maybe it’s just because Raimi Miller was always up to anything. Want to go to a car show? Sure. Want to fuck in the apartment laundry room? Sure. Want to have a threesome? Raimi Miller was always up to anything. She loved to try anything new, and was always up for a challenge. Of course Raimi Miller loved learning new tricks too.

Here she was up on my car in some random parking lot. We were having lunch and I asked her to go to the bathroom to take her panties off and of course she did it. Yeah, she was fun. Undressing her that day was fun too.

I wish more of the solo girls were like Raimi Miller… Cute and cuddly and fun to fuck.

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