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The Hottest Solo Girl Ever

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Alison Angel is the hottest solo girl ever. Period.

Oh Destiny Moody comes in a close second but Alison Angel was first… I also think Alison Angel has slightly bigger boobs. And she has blonde hair. I love Destiny Moody but dark haired girls are so easy to find – they seem to be every where. Blondes are always hotter. Besides they have more fun. I know Alison Angel has a lot of fun. There is a video of her and Lia 19 taking a bath together… Super sexy!

Alison Angel is smoking hot!

Alison Angel is also super nice in person.

Here is an idea… Why doesn’t someone get Alison Angel and Destiny  Moody together and have them rub their breasts together while taking a shower and then eat each other out in the bedroom…. That sounds like a fun photo shoot!

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