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Jewel Was Always A Perky Jewel

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Private School Jewel – this time coming from This Year’s Model – was always a perky little jewel. She’s cute and tiny, with her sexy blonde hair…. There are so many different “niches” that men like – boobs, ass, legs, mini skirts, bikinis – and it seems to us that most men are into boobs. Private School Jewel might not have huge tits but she’s young, about twenty-one, and in a few years she’ll have a perfect rack… Now is the time to land her and put a ring on it… A ring with a nice jewel on it… To make sure that Private School Jewel doesnt’ sleep away.

Look at that face and her smile. Yes, Private School Jewel has it going on perfectly. And she can always wear a padded bra, right?

Private School Jewel is a fistful of sexy all right. That smile, those blue eyes…. Stunning.

I’ve been a fan of Private School Jewel for some time now and the one thing I don’t believe I’ve ever seen is Private School Jewel is getting it on with another chick… I would love to see Private School Jewel sucking face with another chick. (I did a quick Google search and did in fact find a video of her naked making out with another solo girl.) I wonder how many videos This Year’s Model has of her…. Must be hot!

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