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Teens In Bikinis

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Well now, isn’t this just smoking hot? Two hot teens in their sexy bikinis out on the back porch sun tanning. With two firm nearly naked teen bodies, how could this not be hot? And how can these two teen chicks not get turned on by each other half naked? All teen chicks are lesbians are at least have tried it once or twice; I’m not sure how they are able to contain themselves!

This is Shayla Jennings on the left in her sexy yellow bikini. I don’t know who her friend is but she’s a hot little sexy teen!

shyla jennings capri sun lesbian teens in bikinis1

Then they both flip over to tan on their stomachs. Whoa, that’s hot and sex. Because we all love a bit of teen ass every now and then, right? I know I do!

What beautiful little tight asses these two teens have!!!

shyla jennings capri sun lesbian teens in bikinis2

It was only a matter of time before Shayla Jennings and her hot little bikini clad girlfriend ended up going at it. Shayla must have said “I want to tan naked – can you help me get my bikini top off?”. As if Shayla Jennings needed any help getting her bikini top off; It’s not like this hot sexy teen can’t dress and undress herself.

Her lesbian girlfriend knew exactly what was up and was more than willing to help get Shayla Jennings naked!!!

shyla jennings capri sun lesbian teens in bikinis3

I bet you in just a moment Shayla Jennings and her lesbian girlfriend will be all over each other!

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