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Panties And High Heels

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Kari Sweets might look like the type of teen chick that puts out on a regular basis. She’s hot enough so that she can have her choice of men, that’s for sure. And Kari Sweets is a horny one too…. But that doesn’t mean she’s easy now does it? In fact, I bet you that Kari Sweets would be a tough nut to crack!

It would be hard to just walk up to Kari Sweets and start talking to her. Besides the fact you would be embarrassed because your hard as a rock, just getting up the nerve to talk to her would be intimidating….

kari sweets teen babe panties around knees1

I love how Kari Sweets has her panties around her knees. Once those panties are down below her knees, well, you know there’s no turning back. It’s not like she can say “Oh, I changed my mind”. Bullshit. Once those panties come down past her knees, Kari Sweets is putting out! We should be so damn lucky!

If it’s not hot enough that Kari Sweets has her panties down by her ankles, check out those sexy high heels… Panties and high heels, that’s what Internet porn is all about!

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