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Little Laney

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Meet Little Laney…. Damn, she looks easy. In fact, I don’t think it gets much easier than this.

I bet you that you could walk up to Little Laney and say “How would you like to suck my cock?” and she’s just shrug her head and say “Okay”. Easy.

little laney slutty teen pigtails1

Of course, with Little Laney wearing a short little jean skirt like this, it’s super easy to get access to all of her private parts. The pig tails is an extra added bonus as well; Once she’s down on her knees sucking cock you can use her pig tails to control her…. Not sucking deep enough? Just grab her hair and pull. She’ll be much more willing then!

little laney slutty teen pigtails2

And Little Laney does suck cock in her member’s area!

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Little Laney

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