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Sex King For A Day

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If was king of the world for a day, I’d make a few new rules for all of us. Mostly teen chicks really.

This is Young Kimmy, and clearly she believes in the same things I believe in. My ideas are simple – All woman (cough cough teens) between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one should dress up like slutty school girls, short plaid skirts with matching ties, and knee high socks. Oh, and pig tails. All chicks should wear pig tails until they hit the age of thirty. Because men like pig tails. For lots of reasons.

This is Young Kimmy showing us exactly how I want my women to dress!

young teen kimmy2

At the end of the day I’d be wondering if Young Kimmy was wearing any panties or not. I guess it wouldn’t be that difficult to find out; That little plaid school girl skirt lifts right up. Young Kimmy might even be showing us what we want to see – her panties!

I’m guessing she’s wearing a tiny white thong. If Young Kimmy is wearing anything at all!

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