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Lana Lea

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Every now and then if you are so lucky you meet a chick that is completely out of your league… You want to tap that sweet ass so badly but you just don’t have what it takes to make that happen. You want it and you want it badly but sometimes a chick is too freaking hot for you. Destiny Moody comes to mind; She is so hot you would have be super sexy and fucking rich to land her.

This is Lana Lea from This Year’s Model. We talk about This Year’s Model all the time. They are fantastic and have great content. It’s the perfect combination great photography and the very best models. Leana Lea is a great example of the hot chicks This Year’s Model has on their site. She’s cute and perky – look at those perky little titties – and the rest of her has just the right proportions too… And she has a super cute little smile.

Lana Lea is naked in laying down on the floor…. With her cute little perky titties out on display. Looks to us that Lana Lea is ready to get fucked – she just wants a man to climb on top of her and fuck her brains out.

Lana Lea is on our list of things to do.

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