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Yum Penny Kate

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This Year’s Model keeps on sending us super hot models they are photographing… This moring they send me photos of Penny Kate and oh my go so hot.

She looks like the girl next door who actually lives in the aparment in the building behind your aparment. She still doesn’t have a bed but isntead has a matress on a floor. And that’s fine. I don’t care how she lives; I would gladly bang Penny Kate on a mattress on the floor. Or the kitchen floor. Or the bathroom floor. I don’t care; I’m not picky.

She looks like the kind of chick who would try anything at least once. Not in a crazy slutty way but more like a dumb way. Penny Kate doesn’t know if she’ll like it until she tries it so she’ll have to try everything to see if she’ll like it. At least she’ll have to try it once. I bet you she’s tried anal a few times – and like that too.

Nice perky tites Penny Kate has!

I would want to fuck Penny Kate with her riding on top of me… So I could watch those boobies flop around as she bounces up and down. How would you fuck Penny Kate?

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