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Sexy Penny Kate

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Looks like Penny Kate from This Year’s Model has a great rack…

Penny Kate loved nothing more than wandering through the woods behind her family’s farmhouse. As soon as she finished her chores each morning, she’d head straight out the back door into the sea of towering oaks and maples. The crunching of the leaves beneath her boots was music to her ears.

She knew every twist and turn of the trails that wound through the forest. Each tree was like an old friend watching over her. Penny Kate would often come up with elaborate stories about the trees as she walked – that oak was a wise old king, the maple a feisty queen.

On this sunny Tuesday morning, Penny skipped down her favorite path, the one that followed the bubbling creek. She breathed in the fresh pine scent and listened to the birds chirping high above in the branches. She was all alone and decided to take off her top exposing her sexy perky boobs!

After walking for nearly an hour, she came to her favorite spot – a smooth, flat rock overlooking the creek. Penny Kate settled comfortably onto the rock and took out the sandwich she had packed for lunch. As she ate, she watched the water sparkle in the midday sun.

Penny smiled contentedly. She may have lived in the middle of nowhere, but these woods were her whole world. Nowhere else could offer the peace and magic she felt each time she ventured beneath the forest canopy.

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