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Skye Model

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Meet Skye Model. She’s young, petite, cute, blonde…. And her breasts are nice and perky, as you would expect from a hot young blonde teen!

skye model hot blonde teen tight sweater1

I don’t like to imply that blondes are dumb, but Skye Model doesn’t look like the smartest one of the bunch. Sexy, but not too bright. I bet you having a discussion about politics with Skye Model is similar to puling teeth. But I don’t really want to have long drawn out discussions with Skye Model; I just want to do what nature intended us to do. Fuck. Like rabbits.

skye model hot blonde teen tight sweater3 skye model hot blonde teen tight sweater4

And I bet you Skye Model can fuck you like the damn Engerzier bunny, all night long.

Just close your eyes and imagine having this hot perky blonde riding up on top of you!

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