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Private School Jewel Is Still Smoking Hot

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I’ve always found it amusing how different solo girls have vastly different personalities online. Their personalities come across.

Just now I went to my stash of hot teen solo girls and came across a folder full of pictures of Private School Jewel. (In fact, I might just have the largest collection of Private School Jewel pictures ever!) I said to myself “I should find some pictures of her in a tight mini skirt, some lingerie, or high heels”. You know, something glamorous. But the reality of it it is Private School Jewel doesn’t have many such photos. She’s just not that type of girl. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are such pictures… but not many of them.

Damn, Private School Jewel does have really small boobs. That’s fine. Once someone knocks her up her those boobs will grow nicely!

The rest of Private School Jewel is perfect, however.

I wouldn’t mind her small boobs to be honest with you. Usually I go for chicks with bigger boobs – I like something I can hold on to – but every now and then a man needs a little bit variety in their life, right? Right. I surely wouldn’t say no to Private School Jewel if she was in bed.

Small boobs are fun too!

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