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Next Door Nikki Naked In Car

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With chicks like Next Door Nikki you have to wonder what they are thinking of when they do stupid shit like this… Well, it might be stupid but it’s still hot.

Next Door Nikki is nearly naked in the back seat of a car in what looks like a parking lot… She’s wearing a bra – gotta strap in those huge boobs – and peeling off her panties. Is she changing? Is she getting naked because she wants to fuck in the back seat of a car? In a busy parking lot? Who knows…

But damn Next Door Nikki is oh so cute…. Those tits. She has huge tits for her age. That’s hot in itself. That sexy white bra has them all tucked nice and neatly… I wonder if she wears her bra when she fucking and on top…. Those giant old titties would poke someone’s eyes out!

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