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Patriotic Melissa Midwest

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Every man has a list of things they want to see in a sexy teen chick…. We all like our college girls with certain traits – long legs, blonde hair, big ass, tight ass…. Big boobs (or even small boobs)… but the one word I would never imagine on a wish list of the most perfect twenty year old college chick would be “patriotic”. Yet here we are with Melissa Midwest who might be the most patriotic chick I’ve seen in a long time…. You can’t really see how patriotic she is here, but in the other photos in these series there you can see her bikini top is in fact the United States flag…. And that’s super fucking sexy!

Melissa Midwest has always been super fucking sexy…. Every single thing about her is fucking hot and sexy. And who doesn’t like a patriotic girl from the mid west? Right? I bet you Melissa Midwest likes to ride horses? I bet you she can ride you like a horse to….



I’ve only met Melissa Midwest a handful of times but I can say she is in fact a handful…. And she is also a real go getter too. She likes to get things done and she’s not afraid of anything!

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