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Melissa Midwest Boobies

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You have just got to love Melissa Midwest… Super easy on the eyes, perfect boobs. Yum. This woman is a pure gem. She’s a one of a kind. She is not the type of woman to be told to do anything. She is a take charge kind of woman and if you treat her poorly she will let you know. And she won’t be nice about it.

This is why Melissa Midwest is always in some kind of trouble or what not. She posted naked on a local police car in her hometown – I believe this was in Nebraska – and that cause some problems. Then she tried to work as a stripper (In Nebraska of all places) and that didn’t work too well…. I don’t want to say Melissa Midwest is a constant shit show because when things are going smooth in her life it’s really good and she’s really hot and her photos and videos are really hot… It’s nice. But when she starts shit with the locals…. Things go downhill really quick.

But my god Melissa Midwest is easy on the eyes… And those boobs are fucking impressive.

If I was her man I would want to play with her boobs all day long…. And do lots of other things too.

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