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Sexy Teen Bikini

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Meet Madden does it for me six ways from next Thursday. I love her tight little body and her big blonde hair. Oh, how I miss the big hair!

But it seems like Meet Madden is willing to take photos in nearly any setting you can imagine… This time around she looks like she’s on the roof of a building in a short pair of jean shorts and a bikini top! My god, Meet Madden is so fucking hittable it’s not funny any more!

meet-madden-bikini rooftop1

And when Meet Madden takes off her shorts showing off her tight little body wearing nothing more than her bikini, well, this is one roof top I want to be on!

meet-madden-bikini rooftop2 meet-madden-bikini rooftop3 meet-madden-bikini rooftop5 meet-madden-bikini rooftop6

I’ve never had sex on top of a roof, but there is a first time for everything and I surely wouldn’t mind having Meet Madden be my first roof top thing!

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