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Madden’s Tight Ass

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Some chicks are just plain crazy. But I think Madden might just be more crazy than most.

There has always been something about Madden that does it for me. She’s short, tight, and physically fit. And Madden doesn’t seem to have anything she is afraid to do. Just like all of the other chicks she likes to be hit from behind, and clearly Madden is showing it off in this position.

Wait, what is this I see? Do you see it too?

Madden doesn’t show us her pussy or her titties. She’s always come close, but I’ve yet to see Madden naked. But now I see Madden is naked. Even her panties are down around past her ankles. She’s been naked before, but never showed anything off. Took a look at that table… I can see her nipple.

How fucking hot is that?

I’ve always wanted to see Madden topless, and now it seems I have. What a great day today is.

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