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Madden’s Sexy White Summer Dress

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We always loved women in light and airy little summer dresses. It’s because they are so light and thin that it makes you feel like there isn’t much there, and you can just imagine touching her in the right place and touching her right through her clothes. Touch her ass through her little summer dress and it’s just like touching her ass as if there was no clothes there at all. It’s better than a skirt or a dress; You can lift it up and get at the goodies any time you want – so much easier than a skirt or a dress.

Look at Madden there… She is all smiles. You decided to take her out for a walk along your favorite path and whisper some sweet words in her ear… And that just turned her on. The way to a man’s heart is his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is whispering sweet nothings in her ear and telling her how much you love her. That and making sure her girlfriends are jealous of you and your relationship with her.

But now that she is turned on it’s time for Madden to do some tricks…

She squats down and hikes up her skirt, exposing her white panties… Oh, it’s on!

From here you just know she wants to suck on some cock! And she’s had the perfect height to suck you off!

Have  you ever seen such a beautiful sight? The best part is you know her panties can come off and as quickly as she lifted up that skirt in the first place! That might make Madden super easy or just super hot, I’m not sure which! Maybe it’s both!!!

I am not sure about you but if it was up to me, I would have Madden bent over that picnic table and her skirt up so quickly it would make her head spin! Madden wouldn’t know what hit her!

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