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Blonde Hottie Madden Has A Great Rack

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Madden has always hada  great rack… She won’t let us see her tits, but she shows us enough so that we can plainly see she’s got a great fucking rack…. Looks like just the right size for some good old fashion titty fucking!

Her tits might not be huge but they are just the right size… She looks great in a tight t-shirt or a bikini, or a bra…. It seems like Madden likes to show off her titties in bras. She must have a thousand bras. Which is a good thing for us…. Yum!

We can watch Madden running around in her little bras all day long….

In fact, we can just watch Madden doing whatever all day long…. I wonder if Madden bounces up and down does her titties bounce… Are they big enough or firm enough so that they don’t bounce around?

Does it matter much?

Or better yet, Madden in a bikini…. at the beach… Who wouldn’t want to fuck a hot babe like Madden at the beach? Or just watch her run around in the water….

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