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Teen Ponytail

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Just found Nicole on a website called Total Super Cuties and what a special little easy bunny this one must be! She’s in the bathroom getting ready to entertain us, wearing nothing more than her bra and panties while putting her hair up in a special ponytail that we love so much! It’s a special ponytail because only half of her hair is in the pony tail and it’s off to the side….. That will give us something to yank on if we need it!

Check out the way her sexy teen breast sits in that tight bra…. Sort of makes you want to just reach out and fondle it, doesn’t it?


All done! Doesn’t this cute little teen look oh so pretty with her hair up? You betcha!

Now let’s bend her over the tub and fuck her brains out into next week!


She’s a total super cutie for sure!

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