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FTV Girl Goes Running

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Here we go again with the tight FTV Girls working out in public… The FTV Girls are always smoking hot. It seems FTV Girls likes lesbians, bikinis, public nudity and…. You guessed it, girls working out. FTV Girls is based out of Phoenix, so chicks there get to work out all year which is hot. And in fact it is hot there, so chicks there tend to wear a lot less clothes then usual.

Case in point is this chick from FTV Girls…. I don’t know her name; That’s not important. I want just want to fuck her, not marry her. It looks like she is all ready to go out for a run…. In the tightest clothes I’ve ever seen a woman go running in. And not only is she wearing tight clothes, but she she is just plain old super tight.

Would we expect anything less from FTV Girls?

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