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Sexy Flat Teen Belly

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After all of this time working in the solo girl niche… I’ve come to discover there is one thing that turns me on more anything else. Oh, every likes the boobs, and the lesbians and the legs…. But I’ve come to notice the hottest thing about a woman is her belly…. Flat bellys are sexy!

And no one has a flat belly like Destiny Moody here…. I would eat off of her flat belly. Don’t lie – you would too. I know you are the kind of guy that hits those strip clubs and drinks booze out of the belly buttons of some random bar slut. But Destiny Moody isn’t some random bar slut now, is she?

Nah. Destiny Moody is stunning. But not a bar slut. And not even slutty. But still, something deep down in side wishes she was a bit more on the slutty side….

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