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Craving Carmen Has Perky Boobs

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When you think back to the most perfect teen chick, it’s hard to find one. Don’t get me wrong I would tag any chick on this site. But to name the most perfect one is difficult. A few of the teen chicks come to mind. The problem is boobs, which is an odd problem to have. Teen chicks don’t have big boobs. In fact, we are lucky if they boobs at all. At age eighteen or nineteen their chest doesn’t have much going on…. Their boobs don’t come in until they are on the far side of college, twenty-one or twenty-two… But not our girl here. She’s got a great rack.

It’s hard to find a chick like Craving Carmen that has huge boobs like this. They aren’t giant, but they are full, round boobs – fun to play with. And Craving Carmen has the face of an angel…

The rest of Craving Carmen isn’t half bad either.

I love the way her hair falls on her sexy boobs… Craving Carmen has a great rack, just the right size to make things interesting, and when her hair falls and slightly covers up her boobs it’s like you can see them but not really…. Craving Carmen is totally bangable.

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