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Oh My God Chase The Hottie

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I would chase this hottie.

Many years ago there used to be this blonde chick named Chase The Hottie. I am guessing her name was in fact Chase, and because she was so cute all of the guys used to chase after her. Thus she got a new name and a complete persona was created for her. She was the true girl next door before that was a slang term; She had this sexy little nightclub walk and loved to bite her lip. She had the perfect little body, tight ass, and a great perky teen rack. Not too bad for a nineteen year old hottie. Yes, I would chase her as far as I could run.

While her breasts are distracting, take a look at what is on the counter behind Chase The Hottie. She’s got some whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and some sprinkles… You know exactly what Chase The Hottie has in mind for tonight… I know you’ve spent a night or six fucking around with some hot nineteen year old chick and choclate syrup… licking it off of your private parts. (I might want to add that the choclate syrup needs to be used in moderation – too much is a lot of fun but makes a huge fucking mess.) Then again, I would want to cover Chase The Hottie from head to toe with choclate syrup and lick it ALL off of her…

Chase The Hottie is smoking hot!

She also has just the right boobs….

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