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Catie Minx Spreading Her Legs

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Time to get a little bit dirty here…. And there is no one I would want to get dirty with more than Catie Minx… When it comes to getting dirty she seems to know what she is doing… There are a lot of solo girls out there but some are just dirtier than others…. Take Alison Angel for example. Yeah, there might be a handful of videos of her kissing other girls and mabye even a video of her using a vibrator or something dirty… But she’s not spreading her legs for us every photo shoot, or giving us a shot of her tight asshole every photo shoot…. Catie Minx does. She’s just that type of girl.

Nice snatch, nice perky boobs…. We like this. A lot.

But is Catie Minx the kind of chick you can bring home to your mother? Dunno.

Catie Minx might come off as being dirty but in some of her pictures she just looks like the innocent girl from next door… The exact kind you can take home to your mother. Freaky at home but perfectly innocent the rest of the time…. Honestly, at this point I just want to see Catie Minx spread her legs for us like this!

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