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I Wanted To Pork Cassidy Cole

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Solo girls come and go. After doing this for so long, one gets to see so many solo girls come and go… I wanted to pork (nail, bang) all of them and just by sheer number of odds occasionally I got lucky. Cassidy Cole is one those chicks I wanted to pork. Hard. However, every time I go to make a post about a solo girl the first thing I do is check to make sure their site is still online. I went to check Cassidy Cole’s site this morning and… Well fuck me silly with a cactus in a phone booth but her site is now gone. What a damn shame. I guess I’ll never get to porn her.

Sigh. Cassidy Cole was a little hottie. She was thin, but had a decent little perky rack. Long legs, and the face of an angel. I wanted nothing more than to bend her tight little teen ass over and fuck her silly until I came deep inside of her. Now I am guessing I will never have the chance to meet Cassidy Cole again. Well that sucks. However, Cassidy Cole will live on in our hearts because I still have tons of pictures from her site even if her site is no longer online.

I still want to hit it.

Here is Cassidy Cole naked, lounging around in her bed…. She’s ready for something!

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