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Super Tease Brooke Marks

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Everyone has wanted Brooke Marks at one point or another. When a solo girl has been around for so long eventually it’s only a matter of time before they shoot in some outfit or pose or location that totally turns you on. I still rember the first time I saw Brooke Marks. It was photos of her playing tennis; I remember a short little blue skirt. I am not a huge fan of tennis or anything like that, but who doesn’t like chicks in short skirts playing tennis? I like basketball but chicks playing basketball in shorts just doesn’t do it for me. But chicks in short shorts playng tennis sure does it for me.

The odd thing about Brooke Marks is that we’ve never seen her naked. Not even topless, and you all know how I like boobies. It truely all is about the boobies. And Brooke Marks has a great rack.

But she just teases us!

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