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Friendly Bunny

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Brooke Marks is one of those super friendly bunnies…. She came to fame by making these little videos saying “Brooke marks the spot”. Funny shit. Hit YouTube and do a search for Brooke Marks and you’ll see a bunch of them, or you can just hit her website. It’s well worth checking out. In fact, someday I’ll have to post some of her videos up here.

So yeah, we’ll call Brooke Marks a super friendly bunny! And she’s not exactly hard on the eyes either!

brooke marks naked

This is Brooke Marks wearing a pair of super short shorts that would make Daisy Duke jealous – and nothing else!

She might be a friendly bunny, but she’s also a shy bunny….. She’s trying to be all modest and covering up her breasts and all – how cute is that?

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