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Blueyed Cass Was The Bomb

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Who remembers Blueyed Cass?She was a one of a kind. Blueyed Cass is a teen with dirty blonde hair, a perky teen rack, and all of the curves in all of the right places. She wasn’t exactly skinny but not fat; She was a real girl. She looked great but when she took off her clothes you can tell she had some meat on her. I like chicks with meat. I don’t like smashing skinny minis. That’s fun occasionally, but… I like a little bit of cushion.

Blueyed Cass represents the real girl next door, not the skinny chicks who magically have huge boobs. That’s fun and all of that but how many times have you actually dated a chick like that? Exactly.

Then factor in that she doesn’t dress up in silly little outfits and just wears street clothes like she does in real life and… Blueyed Cass is perfect.

She also has those perfect titties too. And nice thick legs. With legs like that Blueyed Cass can mount you and rock your fucking world.

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