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Basil Meadows

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It’s time for you to meet Basil Meadows. Yum. Basil Meadows is young and blonde and perky and tight and oh so smoking hot.

You know that girl next door that you always wanted to bang? The one who lives up in the apartment above you? That’s Basil Meadows. She’s so hot in so many different ways that it’s no longer funny.

But the best part about Basil Meadows is the fact she looks like she could be a wild and crazy one in the sack. You know – the kind of chick that would bite your big toe in the sack but yet you aren’t sure how she managed get her mouth down there…. Or maybe Basil Meadows is the kind of chick that likes to wrestle you naked. And that sounds like a lot of fun!


Who wouldn’t want to wrestle with Basil Meadows – naked?

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Basil Meadows

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