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Aston Richards

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Well well, this is brand new. And I’m not just saying that because they make brand new eighteen year olds every day.

This is a brand new girl with a brand new website that isn’t really open to the public yet. But I got the hook up. Her name is Aston Richards. Hotness!

aston richards hot teen2

And once again, Aston Richards is proving to us how all teen chicks like it doggie style. This teen hottie – er, “easy bunny” – is on her hands and knees on a chair. Yeah, she wants to be fucked ever so gently on this chair……

Oh god I am so loving her blonde hair! And her perky little teen titties!

aston richards hot teen1

I’m hoping that you guys will like Aston Richards as much as I do, because I have the feeling she’s going to be a regular here! She’s such a cute little bunny!

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