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Aston Richards Is So Bangable

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Aston Richards is so utterly bangable…

Years ago I had a smoking hot chick that lived in the apartment above me. She was so damn cute in her sexy red bikini. I asked her if she wanted to pose for some picture for her own website and she thought I was creepy. A few weeks later when she lost her waitress job she quickly changed her tune. We had fun taking pictures and making her site.

Aston Richards reminds of that chick, although Aston Richards has smaller boobs. Smaller boobs can be fun too in many ways….

She is so damn tiny I bet you Aston Richards would be a great lay!

You could just put Aston Richards on top of you and bounce her around until you get off inside of her… She would love that. What nineteen or twenty year old college student doesn’t like riding on top of cock and getting off? I am also guessing that Aston Richards is the type of chick that never ever says no…. She would be to try anything.

And you damn well know that Aston Richards is open to threesomes with her best friend. I am not sure if Aston Richards is a college chick or not, but in my mind she is, and of course in my fantasies she has more threesomes than just fucking one guy…. It’s all about threesomes with chicks her age.

Yes, Aston Richards is totally bangable.

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