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Aston Richards Is Sexy, Tight, And Hot

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Ashton Richards is one super tight super hottie with blonde hair and tiny perky boobs! My god that is one tight little blonde right there…. I know you had a girlfriend like this when you younger – skinny with tiny boobs and liked to get naked at the drop of the hat or any time the wind changed direction.

Sometimes these models come and go so fast we hardly have any time to get to know them. This is Ashton Richards. One moment she was every where, the next moment she was gone. But while she was here she took a lot of photos. And thankfully so because now we get to enjoy them all… .

Look at that dirty look on her face… Ashton Richards seriously wants to get fucked from behind. She doesn’t even seem to care that she is outside. I like chicks like this!


Ashton Richards is totally bangable.

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