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Ariel Rebel Getting Dressed

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All of us – or most of us – have had a girlfiend. Sometimes we stay at their apartments, sometimes we live with them… And there are so many perks to sleep overs or living with a chick… besides the increased odds of having sex at the drop of the hat…. is watching them shower or watching them get dressed in the morning.

This is Ariel Rebel right after she got out of the shower in the morning… Now she is picking out her panties that she will wear for the rest of the day. It’s possible this is the hottest thing we’ve ever seen – a woman picking out her panties and putting them no right after the shower… Ariel Rebel with her pussy still slightly damp putting on her panties for the first time…

Ariel Rebel can make nearly anything look hot but this is just a hot situation… The only thing that might be hotter is two hot chicks in the shower fucking each other with strap on dildos… But Ariel Rebel is smoking hot at all times.

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