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Ariel Rebel And Her Sweet Tight Teen Ass

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Looks like Ariel Rebel is looking for a real railing…. Yum!

Chicks like Ariel Rebel know what they have , what assets they have, and they know exaclty how to use them. She doesn’t have much for boobs, so she doesn’t appeal to men who like big boobs, but for men who like spinners she fits right in. Ariel Rebel also has a tight little sweet teen ass so if you are in to tight asses she’s got you covered. When she bends over I don’t know a man alive who wouldn’t invest their next paycheck into her tight ass…. I love the thong too. There was a time before chicks like Ariel Rebel wore thongs, and it was a dark, depressing time for us men… Women hated thongs because they were so fucking uncomfortable “back in the day”. All of that has changed now.

Thank god chicks like Ariel Rebel enjoy wearing thongs. I think it’s much hotter than a string bikini. Of course, seeing a chick in a thong is much hotter than seeing a chick in a bikini. You can see a chick in a bikini on any beach or any pool, but a chick in her thong… You only see that in the bedroom. And only when they want you to see them in a thong.

So hot.

Ariel Rebel is wearing sunglasses. I’m not sure why but that just makes this photo so much hotter…. Fuck yes!

I love Ariel Rebel!

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