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Hot Teen Chick

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She’s young, short, tiny, and in need of a well hung man to take care of her needs. Her name is Lucy, and she’s from the American Kittens website. Nice.

I love short chicks with thin waists. I’m not into the whole child bearing hips MILF thing. I want them young, barely legal, and full of enthusiasm. They are willing to learn and experiment and try new things; I love teaching nineteen year old chicks how to deep throat cock!

I bet you young Lucy here has a lot to learn!

tight young teen lucy1

Yeah, young Lucy doesn’t know it but she has a lot to learn and I’m more than willing to break her in, errr, teach her. I’m sure you would too if you could find the time.

I know I would put off everything on my calendar to be able to teach her a few of the tricks that she wouldn’t be able to learn in books. If this young teen is gonna learn new tricks, well, I want to be first in line to teach her!

tight young teen lucy2 tight young teen lucy4

I bet you this hot young thing has already been trained on how to suck cock, but chances are she needs some refinement.

And I know for a fact this easy bunny (read: teen slut!) likes it doggie style. You can tell from this photo of her bending over, on her knees and elbows, ready to be mounted from behind!

tight young teen lucy5

That’s my type of teen chick!

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