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Legs Spread Wide

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I am guessing that Alison Angel classifieds as sexy teen chick… So cute and playful too!

I’ve met Alison Angel in person, more than once; She’s been to my house. She is so much fun in person, so damn cute… She is exactly what you want her to be but even sweeter. The best part about Alison Angel is after a few drinks she starts to giggle a lot and then she is pretty much willing to do anything in reason…. Want her to walk around topless? She’ll do it. Want to see her panties? If she’s wearing a skirt Alison Angel will gladly spread her legs and show you all of the goods. That’s the kind of girl Alison Angel is…. She’s just so much freaking fun!

If you were wondering if a chick like Alison Angel wears panties, well, now you know. Turns out Alison Angel wears white panties under her skirt.

God she is too cute!

The sun glasses Alison Angel has on just makes her even hotter!

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